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If someone close to you has died, then your life probably looks a little different now than how you imagined it would. Grief as a young adult can be lonely and isolating and really hard to talk about amongst your peers. That’s why we’re building a space where we can work through it candidly: no stigma, no qualms, no judgement.

Good Grief Support Group is a 6-week offering of modern healing tools for young people navigating grief and loss. 

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+ You’re a young adult (18-35) who has lost someone you love way too soon


+ You’ve felt a little lost at times, and see value in being part of a group of people who have gone through something similar


+ You are curious about the potential of breathwork, meditation & mindfulness as practices of self-care and mental health support


+You feel the call to be vulnerable and open to releasing some of the hard emotions like anger, guilt, sadness and anxiety 


+ You are ready for the transformation that comes from being in a space where you feel seen, loved, heard and supported fully

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+Be supported and guided through weekly dynamic meditation and breathwork experiences that facilitate deep healing and emotional release


+Explore universal elements, themes and challenges associated with grief


+Have the space to share your story with no sugar-coating or fear of being a burden


+Collect a toolbox of tangible practices that you can do on your own to support and cope when you’re feeling a little (or a lot) down


+Learn from and engage with wellness professionals active in the grief and healing space

Our innovative approach includes a weekly community support group, movement release classes, private breathwork sessions and exciting guest workshops.

In our time together, we navigate grief and loss through the framework of the chakra system of energy in our body. Each week focuses on a different energy centre, and its corresponding physical, mental and emotional threads.

In our time together, we navigate grief and loss through the framework of the chakra system of energy in our body. Each week focuses on a different energy centre, and its corresponding physical, mental and emotional threads.

Each week of Good Grief explores a different energetic theme in relationship to grief.



Our Sunday work-group is the core of Good Grief. Aliya will guide you through a meditative practice, including prompts for self-exploration and discussion of grief topics. This is followed by open group sharing, where you will have the opportunity to express where you’re at and connect with the group.


On Monday morning, your weekly journal prompts and supplementary resources for the week will land in your inbox for you to read, write and reflect in your own time. 



On Tuesday, Join Aliya for an active movement class that blends yoga, dance, breath and energy work. Suitable for all levels of experience. 


On Thursdays, guest speakers and movement teachers will join us to share their unique perspective on health + healing.


Saturday Office Hours. Book a time for a 1:1 chat or private Breathwork session for a little extra support. 

We can’t wait to meet you and embark on this healing journey together. 

We'll be announcing 2021 dates soon.


Grief support group and private Facebook community to connect and share with each other

Your toolbox of at home practices, journal prompts & resources

Targeted movement, meditation & breathwork classes based on the chakra system

1 complimentary breathwork session and access to personal support 

What do you mean when you say ‘work group’?

We are calling this a ‘work-group’ because healing requires you to be active, engaged and present in this process. You will get the most out of this group by showing up, staying accountable and carving out the time and space to dive in. 


This is a big time commitment, what if I can’t make it one week?

We understand that we all have busy schedules and multiple commitments outside of grief. While only our Sunday sessions are mandatory, we encourage you to attend as many of the offerings live as you can but if you can’t, we will send recordings.


I’ve experienced grief, but not related to death. Can I still join this work-group?

Grief takes many forms and especially in 2020 is a feeling that everyone can relate to. This particular group is limited to young people who have experienced the death of a loved one.


While creating Good Grief, we’ve learned about the universality of emotions that accompany grief and we have plans for more offerings that serve a wider audience. Please join our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming offerings.


This is cool, but I’m bad at meditation and I don’t know what breathwork is?

There is no prior experience in meditation, breathwork or mindfulness needed to join this group. We make great effort to be accessible in our offerings so they are suitable for all levels. All experiences are guided so the only prerequisite is an open-mind.  
You can learn more about the specific breathwork technique Aliya facilitates 


Is this an alternative to therapy or traditional grief support?

We are not mental health professionals and this is not an alternative to traditional therapy. If you are experiencing mental health challenges like serious depression or anxiety, or feel like you may hurt yourself or hurt others, we encourage you to seek professional support.

I’m interested in this, but I have some questions, who can I talk to?

We’d love to chat more. You can send an email and we will answer any questions or set up an info call.



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