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The seeds for Good Grief were planted many years ago in conversations we had on walks through Toronto while taking care of our Mom. On those walks, we didn’t know what the future held, but we did know that we craved more open spaces to talk about illness and death, that we could learn from the experiences of people who had gone through similar life changes, and that we wanted to find a way to help people. 

Two and a bit years on, we are ready and excited to share the tools that help us as we continue to grow through our grief and loss, with determination to live fully.


CHLOE (she/her)

London, UK

Working behind the scenes, Chloe  co-creates Good Grief content and resources. She is your point of contact for anything administrative including questions or opportunities for collaboration. She brings her practical and diverse experience working in non-profit fundraising, development and project management to keep us operational.


ALIYA (she/her)

London, UK

You’ll find Aliya leading our support circle and facilitating breathwork, meditation and movement classes. Aliya founded her business Move + Mindful to make healing tools available for everyone and Good Grief is an experience of exploring these tools as a way to process grief. She is a certified yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and mindfulness guide, known for her gentle approach and clear teaching style. 


MICA (she/her)

Toronto, CA


Our creative and branding leader, Mica brings her imagination, fierce spirit and intuitive vision to the the Good Grief community. She is a director, producer and photographer by trade and believes strongly in art as a form of healing. She keeps good grief media looking fresh and up to date.

Oldest sister: conscientious, perfectionist, nurturing - 

likes things her way. 

Middle child: good communicator, adaptable, independent -

a tad melodramatic.

Youngest sister: good listener, most fun, mature beyond her years - rebellious streak. 

An important note: we are not mental health professionals and this is not an alternative to traditional therapy. If you are experiencing mental health challenges like serious depression or anxiety, or feel like you may hurt yourself or hurt others, we encourage you to seek professional support.

We know what you’re going through, because we’re also going through it.



We are Chloe, Aliya & Mica – three sisters with a strong commitment to creating more relatable healing spaces and fresh and creative avenues to cope with illness, death and grief.

This is our Mother.

She died of breast cancer in 2018. She was a dedicated yogi and raised us going to ashrams for school holidays and yoga classes as after-school activities, so the language of spirituality became part of our way of life.

Inevitably, we believe in the power of holistic healing practices because they have been our go-to’s, especially after our Mom’s death.

Now, we’re creating the grief support community we would want to be a part of.

Good Grief is a support space by Move and Mindful. Aliya founded Move and Mindful to create safe spaces for people to be seen, heard and supported through their life challenges and inner work. As a trained breathwork facilitator and mindfulness coach, Aliya guides people through deep emotional healing. 

You can read more about Aliya’s experience coping and healing while caring for our Mom in her article

Lessons from Mother.

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